Thursday, September 10, 2009


SEPTEMBER 10! Wow, 2 months since I 'went bald'. And in that time, our fundraising level has risen to OVER $6000!!! It's just incredible. Far beyond what I had hoped.

My hair has grown back really fast and I joke that it's 'starting to look like a real haircut' now. You know, a real haircut, instead of 'the chia-head that grows after you completely shave your head.' I've had it trimmed up once, more so that I could show Jonathan how much it's grown. He's got some fun ideas for styles as it grows out, so stay tuned :)

Here's the progress so far. Set to music by the amazing Annie Lennox. 'Cause she's amazing, and because as many comparisons as I've gotten--Sinead O'Connor, Agatha the PreCog in Minority Report, Edie Falco--Annie Lennox is my favorite ;)

[Most pictures were taken about a week apart, but I won't swear to that. I wasn't good about taking a picture every day.]

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

This Saturday, on the second annual Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, I hope you'll wear a gold ribbon in honor of one of the many, many children fighting cancer. Or in memory of the many, many who have died from it.

And on September 28, join me at Chili's--a tremendous supporter of St. Jude--when they will donate 100% of profits ALL day to St. Jude. Any Chili's. Any time that day.

It'll be like a date! :)

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