Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bald is Beautiful: Kennedy's Story

It's a common phrase, and there are so many men and women who prove it to be true. Here are just a few of the women who show us that beauty doesn't depend on the haircut. Or the hair at all, for that matter.
Noemie Lenoir
Natalie Portman

Demi Moore

Melissa Etheridge
Alek Wek

Even Miss Virginia knows Bald is Beautiful.
She got special permission from pageant officials to shave her head through St. Baldrick's if she raised $500,000. Her original deadline was April 11, and she didn't reach it but says that she will continue to fundraise and will shave her head when her reign is over.

She's the youngest in this group, and she took the Bald is Beautiful saying to heart and CHOSE to be bald before the chemotherapy forced her to. As her hair started falling out in clumps in June 2007, Kennedy shaved her long red hair completely. Her mother, Stacy, shaved her head at the same time so that Kennedy wouldn't be alone.

Kennedy struggled for over a year from Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that resulted in the removal of three of her ribs. She is often called the Princess Warrior.

Kennedy was declared NED--No Evidence of Disease--in July of 2008, is growing her bright red hair back, and continues to fight for childhood cancer awareness.


  1. You are going to be one sexy bald lady! OMG, you have to get a great wig. Maybe a Farrah Faucett one would be a good homage to her life. Or, a punk rock one to wear at school.

  2. Have you seen the episode of 'Sex & the City' where Samantha shaves her head and her movie star boyfriend (his hair is his thing) shaves his, too? Brings me and the hubby to tears every time.

    And PS, you are going to look AWESOME bald. If anyone can pull it off...

  3. it is really ironic that i ran across this blog while checking on a lil ones caringbridge site this evening... you and i have something in common... we are both women who have shaved our heads for the same reason... :) well i did for my nephew who is just beginning round 2 of chemo at St. Jude... my heart goes out to you and your cause... i too did a fundraiser for my nephew and (alot smaller) but was able to raise 900. for my hair... :) i commend you for this site and for your fundraiser! thank you from an aunt who personally is attached to a patient at the hospital you are doing this for... :) you are a blessing.. and it is wonderful to hear stories from people like you who are doing such selfless acts to help these lil ones who need it sooo much... my nephew also has a caringbridge site and feel free to visit if you'd like... his is :) thank you again for this blog and what you do....